Empowering subsistence fishermen to collect ocean plastic as part of their catch.



DEVELOP a template for creating plastic collection stations in fishing communities worldwide

PROMOTE stewardship while empowering fishermen to prosper by monetizing plastic waste and making it part of their catch

GROW Fishing for Plastic collection programs until they are found in all regions where people fish and plastic waste is found on shorelines

Action Plan

  1. Launch Fishing for Plastic pilot project in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas May 2019…..CHECK …..Done and what FUN

  2. Kick off the pilot project with a “Fishing for Plastic Derby” to highlight the concept of plastic as an invasive species on our coastlines

    YES! done with an event that brought together 10 Teams with a YIELD of over 2 TONS of plastic removed from Abaco Beaches!!!!

  3. Reach our fundraising goal of $50,000 by May of 2019- NOT yet but here’s where you can get in and help…DONATE today to keep the cleanup rolling




We are a grassroots organization committed to cleaning up the coastlines of the world.