We have decades of experience working on and around the ocean and developing communities. Help us to create a legacy of clean shorelines for generations to come.


Bill Atherholt
As an IT security engineer and professional captain Bill is an enthusiastic waterman and connoisseur of beaches all over the world. Whether paddling a SUP, surfing, diving or sailing, the water is his calling. The concept of Fishing for Plastic came while beach combing on Big Sand Cay in the Turks and Caicos only to find the deserted island filled with plastic pollution on the windward shore. Bill believes that there is no action more effective than local grass roots community action and the perfect time to take action is Now.


Angela Burns
A physician living in Vancouver, BC, Angela has loved the ocean all her life. After her first ocean passage on a small boat at the age of 21 she has enjoyed sailing the oceans, including a circumnavigation when her children were young. During this time she was privileged to meet wonderful people in the small coastal communities of many developing countries though she noticed a heartbreaking amount of garbage and plastic among the pristine beauty of these areas. After nearly a decade of wanting to take action, she is determined to make a difference.



Individuals and companies supporting us while we work to execute our vision of cleaner coastlines.

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